From kick-off to relaunch in three months

Everyone should see that E.ON is driving the energy transition forward. As quickly as possible, because the task is important. Three months, from kick-off to implementation? No worries.

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Energy supply? For a long time, the topic was about as exciting as signing an insurance contract was for most people. But those days are gone. The transition to renewable energy is one of the main challenges society faces in the quest to ensure a better future. E.ON has strategically repositioned itself, and sees itself as a playmaker for change. The new positioning is designed to be effective both internally and in terms of external visibility. And it was achieved in record time – initial implementation of the new brand identity began just three months after the project began. 


Therefore, we have joined forces: The close cooperation with our partner agencies of TeamBBDO ensured that all wheels meshed perfectly and coordination processes were minimized. Strategy, design and campaign were perfectly orchestrated. A Europe-wide roadshow with brand managers ensured that the new understanding was firmly anchored in the company. 


The new design gives the brand's strongest assets the power to shine: the striking logo and the characteristic red. New CGI graphics created in collaboration with reinforce the spatial experience of the brand. And we derive the new corporate typeface – as well as the motion principles – directly from the logo, thus ensuring maximum recognizability.

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