Empowerment for society’s protectors

We're developing a brand identity for Mehler Systems on the basis of the protection its equipment provides, and enhancing its functionality at the same time. 

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Our freedom is precious. It requires constant protection. But who protects the protectors of freedom? The high-end tactical equipment provided by Mehler Systems enables police officers, firefighters, and the military to do their jobs safely and reliably even in extremely dangerous situations.

But the company was faced with a challenge: How to attract attention in an industry where product performance is a high priority, but branding is not? Our idea was to make sure the brand itself protects special forces just like the products themselves do. The corporate design was developed on the basis of product performance and at the same time improves the functionality of the products.

The striking brand pattern was created using a flexible grid system derived from an abstract interpretation of the functionality of impact protection equipment. Applied as a texture on protective plates, helmets, and clothing, it gives the products a distinctive appearance while also improving their resilience. Whereas previously the only branding was that of the special forces, it is now obvious their equipment was made by Mehler Systems. Additional brand assets were systematically derived from the brand pattern, including the striking logo, the concise illustrations, a numbering system for quickly distinguishing security categories, and a set of distinctive and useful icons. Employing the codes familiar to the security sector, the visual identity also has a new color palette of tones associated with high performance. The new tagline “When precision matters” complements the new appearance with a message that also focuses on functionality.

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