January 2024

Peter Schmidt Group develops a new look for Bauer

Bauer is a private dairy company that introduced a new design for "Der Große Bauer" in October 2023 and will expand its range to include a new plant-based line of products called "ZUM GLÜCK!" in 2024.


Headquartered in Wasserburg am Inn, Germany, the Bauer private dairy company is one of Germany's largest yoghurt producers, exporting to more than 20 markets in Europe and beyond. The company's best-known product is “Der Große Bauer,” a yoghurt brand available in many varieties. Besides plain and fruit-flavored yoghurt, customers can choose additional ingredients such as chocolate chips, crunchy flakes, cereal, müsli, and extra fruit. All these offerings have been sporting a new look on supermarket shelves since October. Beginning in 2024 Bauer will add a plant-based alternative to its assortment. Marketed under the "ZUM GLÜCK!" brand, the new products use an upcycled product made from apricot seeds as a milk substitute.


“What sets Bauer ‘ZUM GLÜCK!’ apart is the combination of great taste and special sustainability aspects, as consumers have confirmed to us in numerous studies. These new drinks, yoghurt substitutes, and plant-based puddings are a positive solution to a category deficit,” said Frank Mayerhofer, director of marketing and innovation.


Targeted further development of venerable design features


The master designs for both products lines, “Der Große Bauer” and “ZUM GLÜCK!”, were developed by Peter Schmidt Group. The team of designers headed by executive creative director Inga Wolter freed the logo from the dark blue circle that previously surrounded it, thereby imparting a new lightness to the brand appearance. The old-fashioned German B is reiterated subtly, like a watermark, to emphasize the long tradition and premium quality of the family-owned business while also reminding consumers of the creamy taste.


Inga Wolter is confident Bauer is taking the right step at the right time. “Traditional brands need to evolve in order to remain true to themselves,” she said. “Bauer recognizes that the values they and their products have stood for for years are decoded differently by younger target groups. Both the familiar classic ‘Der Große Bauer’ and the new ‘ZUM GLÜCK!’ brand reflect a modern understanding of naturalness, honesty and authenticity.”


The products from “ZUM GLÜCK!” stand out in the growing market segment of milk substitutes. The brand colors and the consciously imperfect lettering set against an orange background are eye-catching. Playful illustrations and a relaxed, open-minded tone give the packaging the informality that the target group also wants for everyday life – a slice of joie de vivre they can enjoy with a clear conscience.


Successful market launch thanks to teamwork across different agencies


For the market launch of “Der Große Bauer” the company also decided to work with another agency from Frankfurt. Called M.I.L.K., the agency specializes in packaging design for the food sector. They translated the master design created by Peter Schmidt Group onto the packaging of the individual varieties, which adhere to the brand's “value-added strategy” by offering attractive options such as cereal, müsli, crunchy chips, seasonal, exotic and extra fruit. The launch was accompanied by a communication campaign with the headline, „So lecker wie immer. So schön wie nie.” (As delicious as always. More attractive than ever). Developed by BBDO Düsseldorf, the campaign was implemented in out-of-home, radio, radio P.O.S., PoS and social media channels.



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