Giving a love brand its most valuable asset

Steiff invented the teddy bear – so after 120 years, we are giving it the place it deserves: in the brand’s logo. As the centerpiece of a flexible and high-quality appearance.

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A teddy bear makes children's eyes shine all over the world. Can cost tens of thousands as a collector's item. Be a gift for life. And establish the cult of a company: On its 120th birthday, we are making it the central element of the brand that once invented it – Steiff. By including the teddy bear in the logo, we are telling a story of heritage and craftsmanship. Clear, modern and emotional.

We reduce the bear's head to its essential features. Of course, this includes the iconic button in the ear, which all Steiff products bear as proof of authenticity. This motif is also taken up by the serifs of the custom font, which is based on the classicist Bodoni. At the same time, we added new, playful elements to the brand design: Hand-drawn patterns harken back to the coloration and fur texture of animals, powerful colors derive directly from the brand's most popular products. All of this has won over fans worldwide – and, thanks to perfect timing, has attracted maximum attention: with a significant increase in the number of visitors to both the Steiff Instagram channel and the company website.

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Felix Damerius
Executive Creative Director

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