April 2024

“Try Shit and Die!” – Sven Rieckmann at the Forward Festival

What can designers do to break out of routines and create innovative visuals? “Try Shit and Die!” proclaims creative director Sven Rieckmann. That's the title he chose for his presentation at the Forward Festival in Hamburg, where he will demonstrate how he fans the flames of creativity.


He composes music, designs covers, generates music videos using AI – and teaches people how to scream. What does all that lead to? Even more ideas! In his presentation at 5:30 p.m. on 25 April at the Jupiter Creative Hub, Sven Rieckmann will show how he creates visuals no one would have come up with otherwise.


“Experiment, play around, dare to embark on creative adventures – alone or in a group –the main thing is to let go and do whatever your imagination allows. That's how you get the most interesting results,” says Rieckmann.


For more than 16 years he has been active in the creative industry as a designer, illustrator, guitarist, drummer, triathlete, coach, and house builder. He organizes design festivals and creative work­shops, working with both established companies and start-ups including Powerbar, the 1st Bitburger Triathlon Bundes­liga, long-distance runner Samuel Fitwi, and Gamebuddy.


About the Forward Festival

The Forward Festival is one of the leading events in the design and communication field. It will take place in Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin and will take place in Hamburg on 25-26 April 2024. Among the speakers are international artists and designers such as 3D artist Vincent Schwenk, fashion and motion designer Nina Doll, and the illustration team of Nuria Bellver and Raquel Fanjul. Click here for more information and tickets




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